Cedarwood Sky Farm That's Dually/Windswept Cinamon Twist pup w. 11/30/12


George/Kita pups and Mr B/Windy pups   w 7/26/12

Mr B/Windy pups w 7/8/2012

Windswept Tailgate Party Girl (Girlie) (Chester/Windy)  w 10/30/11

Chester/Windy pups w 10/30/2011

Rip  Hubble/Kita pup

Angel/Hubble & Windy/RJ pups

Nap time

Copy/Hope & Hubble/Kita pups


Snoopy/Windy pup (much loved)

photos by Michelle Casey

Snoop/Windy pups whelped 7/17/09

Dauber/Hope pups w 5/1/09

Snoopy/Angel pup

Mr. B pups

whelped 5/12/08



Simon/Hope pups 12/10/07



Simon/Hope pups 4 weeks

Mr. B/Ticker pups


Nap time

Radar and Abi pups whelped 7/11 &15/07