How to buy a Windswept Puppy

Windswept Labrador Retrievers
Gail A. Rathbun
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Harpursville, NY 13787
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Welcome to the Windswept Labrador Retrievers "how to buy a puppy" page.

Labrador Retrievers are a wonderful breed and I am proud to be a part of their history. However as a breeder, I have a responsibility to protect the future of the breed. As a result, all Windswept puppies are sold on an AKC limited registration. AKC limited registration restricts breeding. Selective breeding requires years of knowledge and research that most owners lack. I hope you understand that I do this to protect the health and future of the breed.

All my pups are vet checked, wormed, and have had their first vaccination, and well socialized. They are raised in my home.

Mothers are allowed to take care of their pups until the day they leave for their new home. This is SO important in the development of sound temperaments. You would be amazed at what the mothers teach their babies.

 Please do not be offended if I ask you questions about your home environment, as I am responsible for the future of my puppies. This is to ensure that a Labrador Retriever is the right breed for you, and will live a long happy life, in a safe environment.

I will go over several subjects about raising your puppy, as well as housetraining and basic obedience, and many dos and don'ts, to make it easier to raise a pup. I will always be here for any problems that might arise.

 Before purchasing a puppy, please understand the commitment that you are accepting. It takes TIME, PATIENCE, and most of all LOVE, to raise a puppy properly.

You are welcome to visit my kennel ( by appointment, please), to meet my dogs, as well as myself, and for me to meet you. My dogs LOVE company.

 Thank you for your interest in Windswept Labrador Retrievers.